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Next Stage Organisation

The predominant and old directive leadership style of the traditional mainstream hierarchical organisation is now struggling to satisfy the needs of the more progressive complex organisation. Times have changed. Things change too quickly and are too complex for one person to do it all. It needs to be a collective or shared leadership approach.

Within the Next Stage organisational movement the idea of self management is central. The idea that people are grown up, mature and capable of taking responsible for their job and role is now accepted. They don’t need a boss watching over their shoulder. So the leadership and management styles need to adjust if the objective is ongoing engagement, motivation and commitment.

Our Me to We collaborative organisational system documented in my book aligns well to the Reinventing Organisations approach detailed by Frederic Laloux.

The services Stephen offers have enabled us to stay at the top of our game for an extended period; including numerous industry awards. Stephen has provided a range of services including; executive coaching for our high potential employees, supply chain development assistance including collaboration with a third party provider, team building, collective intelligence strategic planning process, benchmarking, and development and facilitation of an operational excellence peer group.
Neale Rodgerson

National Logistics and Supply Chain Manager, Dulux Group

The Old Way

Disconnected. Slow.
Not a Collective Approach

The New Way

Expertise outranks rank

Are you ready for the transition?

ABC interview about 21st Century Collaborative Leadership

by Stephen Hanman and Libby Gore

For Individuals

Development based coaching is at the core of what I do, working with a holistic view of the human being who thinks [head], feels [heart] and takes action [hands]. Deploying discretionary effort is core.


For Teams

High performing teams have high trust levels - developing and nurturing this trust is what I can assist you with. Everybody wins in this environment. It creates an upward spiral of performance.


For Organisations

Working actively with power and trust I can assist you to create the lived culture that you desire.


Across Organisations

Blameless Review - incorporate Spring Cleans and Interface conversations.


“I have worked with Stephen over the past 6 years in the pursuit of good to great.  The focus has been creating a values based organisation that thrives on involving our people. After working with Stephen we now have a strong sense of being a unified team focused on being a leader in our field.  Silo thinking has been transformed into whole of business thinking.

I recommend his work, call me to discuss!”

Lance Deacon

Joint Managing Director, Dyson Group of Companies

Ready for the first step in the transition?

This is what the work looks like …

Case Study - CGA Bryson

Ian George –  CEO of CGA Bryson building.

The Impact
All 6 projects were delivered on or before due dates & the outturn [construction] cost reduced by 7%. Napier and Blakely confirmed that some contractors had reduced their prices by more than 20% over the period, even though the building price index had increased dramatically.

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Case Study - Rocke Brothers

Matthew Rocke – CEO of Rocke Brothers Transport.

The Impact
Strategic aims were confirmed and people were placed into new roles with dignity and respect thus enabling and building engagement and motivation.
Steve’s assistance was invaluable at this important time in our company’s history.

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Stephen Hanman

Executive Companion, Board Member, Keynote Speaker & Facilitator

Stephen is an organisational developer and leadership companion. Stephen coaches a number of CEO’s and senior managers around  “Delivering and Defining Strategic Aims and Your Development Needs Together Continuously.” Stephen has an uncanny ability to name issues constructively and focus people on the strategic intentions.

Having held a range of directorship roles including Connections (child, youth and family services), Benchmarking Success and Henderson Consultants, he is currently Chairman of the Board at Dyson Group of Companies.

Stephen was the first non-academic to win the International Journal of Logistics Management Best Paper Award. Stephen’s collaborative learning saw the development of a leading model to define world class supply chain management.

And finally the book From Me to We: Design and Build Collaborative Workplaces articulates his vision of organisational life that is good for profit, organisations, teams and individuals.