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For Individuals

Development based coaching is at the core of what I do, working with a holistic view of the human being who thinks [head], feels [heart] and takes action [hands]. Deploying discretionary effort is core.


For Teams

High performing teams have high trust levels - developing and nurturing this trust is what I can assist you with. Everybody wins in this environment. It creates an upward spiral of performance.


For Organisations

Working actively with power and trust I can assist you to create the lived culture that you desire.


Across Organisations

Blameless Review - incorporate Spring Cleans and Interface conversations.


“Over the last 4 years I have worked with Stephen to assist us to move from a hierarchical, fear based organisation to one that thrives on feedback, direct communication, democracy and collaboration. His depth of understanding and perception of issues needing to be addressed has provided the support I needed. It has been a challenging conscious growth journey that enables our organisation to continue to innovate and offer something to the broader community. It is becoming an organisation of the future today. This journey has included; recreating the vision & values, aligning behaviour to vision & values and having courageous conversations as required.” Richard Siegersma

CEO, DA Information Services.

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