Think Feel Do

Slowing down, integrating Think-Feel-Do, and reflecting lead to congruent action, high trust, and productivity in organisational life.

Don’t Forget That We Have Dreams Too

Aldo’s reminder in the Red Blue simulation, “You managers have forgotten that we have dreams too,” propelled us onto an extraordinary journey, challenging conventional paths. Embracing everyone’s dreams can create an energizing organization, productive and fair, where strategic intent motivates individuals to excel—an Organization of the Future.

Putting The P in People AND Profit

ollaborative Enquiry balances profit and people objectives for sustainable success. By nurturing a culture of trust and addressing issues, high-performance teams deliver strategic aims and improved productivity.

Changes In Leadership
Step 1: Connecting The Spokes

Building individual connections within the team fosters constructive, self-sufficient, and interdependent work. Direct communication cuts delays and strengthens relationships, leading to better collaboration, respect, and enjoyment at work.

Changes In Leadership Styles
Step 2: Implementing the Wheel

Once co-workers form independent relationships, they connect these micro-collaborations to create a circular communication wheel. Commitment to team goals drives momentum and transforms the manager’s role from control to encouragement.

Changes In Leadership Styles
Step 3: Pumped-Up Tires

The Collaborative Wheel gains momentum as the manager adopts a shared leadership style, empowering experts and facilitating conflict resolution. Increased productivity and morale result in a thriving Collaborative Culture.

EQ – Emotional Intelligence

Completion of Hay Group ESCI accreditation in 2012 led to 40 successful interventions improving emotional intelligence (EQ) and creating high-performance teams, resulting in enhanced productivity and improved relationships.

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