Case Study – Rocke Brothers Transport

Matthew Rocke – CEO of Rocke Brothers Transport


Since establishing our business in 2003 we have grown steadily under the helm of the three Rocke brothers. We managed our growth successfully over this time.

The Challenge

Successful Business Growth, Restructure and Healthy Relationships.

It became apparent that that the company had reached a stage where a complete revision of our structure was necessary and that an outsider would provide us with a fresh perspective. Accordingly, we employed Stephen Hanman who provided a range of services.


First, he reviewed the company’s structure and the roles of key staff.

Second, he observed the relationships within our company and provided advice and assistance in achieving a movement from strained relationships to a healthier environment.

Third, he was a sounding board for ideas, both on an individual basis and during group workshops which he organised.

Fourth, in order to clarify the strategic aims of our company and to re-place staff within the new structure in a way that afforded all parties maximum dignity and respect for their individual skill-sets, Stephen Hanman facilitated discussion amongst various groups that enabled all parties to put issues on the table in a healthy and respectful way and to take ownership of decisions that were eventually made.


The organisational restructure culminated in him designing a new structure that not only addressed our current problems, but also provided a succession plan.

Relationship health in a family company is a particularly difficult process, and Stephen should be particularly commended for the way he handled this.

Strategic aims were confirmed and people were placed into new roles with dignity and respect thus enabling and building engagement and motivation.

Steve’s assistance at this important time in our company’s history ensured that we moved to the next phase of our development smoothly and with the minimum of upheaval. We recommend him highly.

"Steve provided assistance during a time of successful business growth. He reviewed and redesigned the company’s structure and the roles of key staff. He enabled a movement from strained relationships to a healthier environment. A great challenge in a family company! In this process Stephen afforded all parties maximum dignity and respect for their individual skill-sets while building an accountability across the team. We recommend him highly."
Matthew Rocke
CEO, Rocke Brothers Transport

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