Case Study – CGA Bryson.

Ian George – Finance Director and Construction CEO of CGA Bryson.


Ian George was the founding director of CGA Bryson, a property development company specialising in funds management and commercial development, which had five divisions, more than fifty staff and $250M in projects.

The Challenge

Ian George, after deciding to not tender for 80% of the construction spend, commissioned MIRA to create a collaborative construction system that managed this new way to design and construct.


Over a four year period MIRA provided organisational development assistance that enabled CGA Bryson to move from pioneering through differentiation towards the federation phase of organisational development.
The assistance started with nine preferred contractors and consultants becoming strategic partners. Stephen educated all construction contractors, in workshop style, about how collaboration works and what it is and what it is not. This included a move away from the hierarchical structure [master and servant] and adoption of a process based collective leadership system.
Stephen also conducted internal workshops about strategic planning, development of KPIs and interface conversations.
Some of our staff were completely unaware of their impact on other sections of the business. Construction had always been at loggerheads with the head office accounts department over certain issues. In one interface meeting this tension was understood and they worked differently together thereafter.
Within the construction teams the interface conversations lead to more trust and discussions between contractors. They began to talk amongst themselves which is uncommon in construction.


All 6 projects were delivered on or before due dates & the outturn [construction] cost improved [delivered under budget]. Napier and Blakely confirmed that some contractors had reduced their prices by more than 20% over the period, even though the building price index had increased dramatically.
Such was the level of communication that at one time when we were short staffed to resource a project with a site manager the sub contractor team communicated with each other and built the project up to the metal deck installation stage with only a labourer as our representative on site.
All people in the collaborative construction system became self-starters & responsible for their actions.
"Over a four year period Stephen worked alongside our Integrated Property Company to develop our people, relationships and systems. Over this time, six construction projects were delivered on or before due dates & the outturn cost improved as the collaboration deepened. Some strategic partners, who no longer had to tender for the work, reduced their price by more than 20% over this period and our construction costs reduced by 7%. A great outcome where everyone benefited. I recommend his work, call me to discuss!”
Ian George
Finance Director and Construction CEO, CGA Bryson

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