Board and Chair Roles

Stephen has held a range of board and executive roles in his career.

Stephen offers well refined chair and facilitation skills that bode well for the development of a high performance governance team.  He is actively looking for new roles in this capacity.

He has been chairman of the board at the Dyson Group of Companies for the past 7 years through a time of a signficant change that has included; a strategic acquisition that required a funding deed, a 7 year Met contract renegotiation,  a new ERP implementation and the transition of the 3rd Generation to retirement.

In addition, Stephen was a board member of Connections, a family services church based organisation in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

He has also held director roles at Benchmarking Success, Logistics Benchmarking Service, Henderson Consultants and was company secretary at Nelson English Loxton and Andrews.

Stephen also facilitated a governance group that consisted of the CEO, CFO, Chair of Board and Committe/Management interface of Upper Yarra Community House as it transitioned into a Next Stage Organisation and became Cire Services.

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Adrian Pyle, Chairman of Board, Connections.


I have known Stephen Hanman since late 2008 and my time as board chairperson of Connections UnitingCare, a major community service agency, overlapped with his time as a board director for the following two years.


Perform role of director. Stephen is not a person who allows the status quo to persist for the sake of it.


During that time – and since – I have found Stephen to be a deeply authentic person, highly aware of his own capacities and limitations, inquisitive as to how the gifts of another might be brought to the fore and with a strong sense of integrity.


Coupled with these critical capacities, Stephen performs his roles in a highly personable manner. I am happy to recommend Stephen for board director positions as an authentic, competent and highly relational candidate.

“Over the last 4 years I have worked with Stephen to assist us to move from a hierarchical, fear based organisation to one that thrives on feedback, direct communication, democracy and collaboration. His depth of understanding and perception of issues needing to be addressed has provided the support I needed. It has been a challenging conscious growth journey that enables our organisation to continue to innovate and offer something to the broader community. It is becoming an organisation of the future today. This journey has included; recreating the vision & values, aligning behaviour to vision & values and having courageous conversations as required.” Richard Siegersma

CEO, DA Information Services.

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